Quality not Quantity

Terms & Conditions

Orders placed by 11:00 am EST, Monday through Thursday, will be shipped that day with an exception to holidays.  Orders placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be shipped the following business day for selected delivery.  Overnight shipping is available in most States. Monday delivery is NOT available due to weekend carrier restrictions.  Shipping rates are an estimate based upon distance and weight.  Fresh Off The Boat Seafood Co. will not assume any shipping cost greater than amount agreed upon at time of purchase.   We do not guarantee shipments that are delayed by "acts of God" such as weather, earthquakes or floods or any other delay caused by circumstances beyond our control. Please check weather conditions in your area before ordering.  Purchases are cold packed and shipped with frozen gel packs to insure premium quality, items may become frosty during shipping. 2 day shipping will not affect the quality of your items and is recommended for frozen products.  Please place 2 day shipping orders by Wednesday at 11am to receiver by Friday.