How We Got Started

Fresh Off The Boat Seafood is a family owned and operated commercial seafood specialist providing premium seafood from the Gulf Of Mexico for over 25yrs.  We specialize in Florida Stone Crab offering the utmost premium quality product directly to your door next day.  Unlike most seafood markets where seafood has to go from harvester to a wholesaler through a distributer then to market usually over a weeks time, "taking out the middle man" Fresh Off The Boat Seafood is all in one.  Our boats come in directly to our docks where seafood goes directly to processing and in most cases ships out that same day. 
Don't buy week old seafood, buy it Fresh Off The Boat.   Simple - Affordable - Fresh.  Oh and overnight!
Need it today?
For local orders and deliveries please call 727-409-0673. Messages will be returned the same day 
Fresh seafood is always availabe from our Express Market at Elite Watersports located at
4100 34th St. 
St. Petersburg, FL 33711

Once your order is placed online claws are then harvested directly from the Gulf of Mexico, processed and shipped. (Frozen when out of season)