Quality not Quantity

Our product comes to you cooked and iced following state of Florida seafood processing requirements. 

Once you receive an order we recommend consumption with in 3 days.  Your Stone Crab claws arrive at your door cold and freshly cooked and ready for consumption.

See below for instructions

Seafood planned for consumption beyond 3 days should be frozen as soon as possible to ensure the freshest possible taste.  

To unthaw if frozen, place claws in a container (tall sided pot) under cool slow running water for 20-30 minutes or until the pincher (black tips of the claw) can be moved with little to no resistance.

If consuming Stone Crab claws cold, place on ice.


To heat, Simply bring a pot of water to a rolling boil, reduce heat and carefully place desired number of claws to be consumed into boiling water.  Simmer uncovered for 2 min. Do not place frozen claws directly into boiling water. If frozen thaw before heating.

Drain water and enjoy!


Claws can be consumed cold or hot.  Various household kitchen utensils may be used to fracture Stone Crab claws.  For maximum results when breaking claws we recommend using the handle of a butter knife.  Common conception that a heavy object, such as a mallet, only smashes the claw and creates many small fragment of shell that must be picked out.  This causes unnecessary waste of your delicious Stone Crab meat.  

Place desired claw into palm of hand, use the "heavy end" usually the handle to strike the claw to merely fracture the shell.  Once you have fractured the shell on both side, simply pull from the tips of the pinchers to extract the meat with easy and little mess.  If you still find resistance when pulling the claw meat from the shell continue fracturing until Stone Crab meat is easily removed.  

        ***Never attempt to break remaining stone crab shell by hand.  Stone Crabs got their name due to their extremely hard shell that can cause injury when prying by hand****

For questions or further instructions please CONTACT US